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nano materio engineering division

nano materio engineering division

Special feautures

The small desktop electric, plug&play Wet type Jet Mill is easy to use. Designed for dispersing materials to nano particle size in research & development laboratories. (AC200V is available).

  • Small amount of sample, it can handles minimum 8 ml to continuous processing
  • It can work with viscous samples (20000cp limit)
  • It can operates at pressures up to 200MPa
  • In case of hlghly pure sample no contamination guaranteed
  • Able to processing samples including coarse particles avoiding pre-processing (optional JN50)
  • Accessories (optional) heat exchanger, two vials reservoirs, different nozzles in addition to the standard one with diverse orifice
  • Scalability of results with NJP up-graded units (JN100-JN1000)


  • Throughput: 35(ml/min) *If it is water
  • Maximum pressure: 200(MPa)
  • Power consumption: 0.75(kw) AC100V - 200V
  • Explosion proof version: None
  • Size: 550×325×370 W×D×H(mm)
  • Weight: 50 kg


  • Electric servo drive system
  • Benchtop
  • Operation via touch panel
  • Plunger material: Zirconia, Ceramic
  • Nozzle Orifice: standard φ0.15; option: φ0.1
  • Tanks: standard 30 ml; option 100 ml
Flow direction through the components of tue system

Process example of the zinc oxide particle

Process example of the cosmetic fine