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nano materio engineering division

nano materio engineering division

Exfoliation, Deagglomeration, Defibrillation

In the world of R&D of the wonder materials
of revolutionary two dimensional, three dimensional crystals like Graphite, Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) to say few, or fibers like Nano Fibrillated Cellulose (NFCs), Nano Jet Pul also contributes to the extraction and isolation of microcellulose and nanocellulose from various sources of cellulosic materials such as wood, lignocellulosic fibers (pulp fibers), and cellulose containing residues. Jokoh wet jet mill machines are able to process such materials, when liquid exfoliation, deagglomeration or defibrillation are needed for product formulation or industrial processing with smart results.


Before processing

After processing

Scanning Electron Microscope {{example.before_fields.before_zoom}}
Scanning Electron Microscope {{example.after_fields.after_zoom}}
Particle size distribution Data
Median Diameter (Before)
Median Diameter (After)
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