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nano materio engineering division

nano materio engineering division

Why choose Customized Production by Consulting?

  • 1. We deal with many kind of materials
    such as High viscosity, High concentration or High hardness material.
  • 2. We obtained a comprehensive range of results of advanced materials
    (rechargeable battery, fuel cells, capacitors use, etc...).
  • 3. Our technical specialists of the atomization will be happy
    to be your advisors and at your service offering you expertise and know-how.

Our material references

  • Battery materials / Laminated capacitors / Conductive materials /
  • Electronic component materials / Liquid ink-jet inks /
  • LCD color resist / Pigments / Cosmetics / Fibers / Dyes / Lubricants /
  • Insulating coatings / Toners /
  • Abrasive agent for semiconductors / Photocatalyst / Magnetic media /
  • Functional fillers / Flame retardants / Photosensitizers /
  • Thermal and Coated papers / Colorants /
  • Ferrit / Ceramics / Advanced ceramics / Insecticides / Antimicrobials /
  • Medical supplies / Dental materials / Food additives etc...

The flow-chart of the commission

1. Inquiry
Please fill in the application form for sample processing.
2. Suggestion of the customized production by consulting
We will make arrangements beforehand.
3. Experimental test
We confirm the evaluation of performance and the outcomes.
4. The estimate submission
We calculate the cost of potential processing capabilities.
5. Q&A about an order and the customized production by consulting
6. Customized Production by Consulting and start up time-schedule forecast
7. Delivery
You can outsource all technical and processing operations to our laboratories considering us at your service.
Please be assured that your materials is managed by the thorough confidentiality according to Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).