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nano materio engineering division

nano materio engineering division

Special features

Dispersing in nano-size

The product can be dispersed in nano size, to be surprised not to have obtained it before with other jet milling technologies. Also, NJP can atomize rationally by keeping the setting of pressure long time in a continuous operation cycle.

Minimum contamination

NJP can atomize samples with minimum contamination that cannot be obtained with average type jet mills.

Minimum sample is enough for small footprint equipment like model JN20

The NJP type JN20 can hold up minimum size volume of 8ml sample , so you do not need to use bigger volume of expensive samples. We can deal with the sample that you can only afford a very small amount of high priced value.

A sample of high concentration or high viscosity products can be fruitfully processed

The NJP can process a high concentrated sample (10-20% limit) or a high viscosity sample (20000cP limit) directly without pre-processing.

Organic solvents permitted

The NJP JN20 can process any organic small size volume solvents as aceton, toluene, and NMP because of special seal materials. If used in greater size volume, the pilot and industrial type JN100 / JN1000 explosion proof configurations are available.

Simple operation

It is easy to use the NJP via touch screen.

Desktop size with high pressure (Max 250Mpa)

The NJP –JN20 combine the Max 250MPa pressure with small footprint It can be placed on the laboratory bench or in a fume hood cabinet.


Scale up guaranteed by using the fixed geometry NJP nozzle unit considered the core of each NJP machines either if lab scale, pilot or industrial scale types. Each unit works with same device at working conditions and protocol (pressures, number of passes, type and number of nozzle device, orifices, fluids, temperatures…) fixed by our support consulting service team according to customer requests, from the phase of product formulation using lab scale to the customized stage of pilot-batches scale or final industrial scale WJM processor JN1000. Up to maximum production rate of 500L/hour.

Explosion proof version

As optional feature Pilot scale JN 100 and Industrial scale JN1000 may benefit of explosion proof configuration version ATEX compliant.

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Nano Jet Pul® Nozzle Unit

The core system technology of the machines

1)Generation of the Jet Stream

The sample particles pressurized by high pressure pump system becomes liquid phase jet stream inside the JOKOH NJP nozzle unit, the core of the system made of ultra hard diamond material.

2)Basic effect linear Jet Stream

First parallel linear jet streams are generated by high pressure pump that after the sample suction phase of the plunger push it out intensively to flow throw the NJP nozzle unit producing a basic linear jet stream effects.
Here the jet streams collide with each other to perform a main atomization process of the particles.

3)JOKOH Unique vortex Jet Stream

The linear jet streams become vortex jet streams which further may be heightened by the fluidic effects of additives such as the dispersant agent.

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