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nano materio engineering division

nano materio engineering division

Special feautures

  • Procesing throughput: 500L/hour
  • Have confident in stability
  • Eplosion-proof version available
  • Capable of sustaining 24 hours continuous work under harsh condition
  • Can process with stable high pressure of max 150MPa


  • Throughput: 8,300(ml/min) *If it is water
  • Maximum pressure: 150(MPa)
  • Power consumption: 30(kw) AC200V three-phase
  • Size: 1200×2300×1900 W×D×H(mm)
  • Weight: 1500 kg


  • Hitch system is available
  • Most suitable for high throughput
  • Flexible and available customization upon customers demands
  • Plunger material: Zirconia
  • Nozzle orifice: standard φ0.4; option φ0.6
  • Tanks: customers request

Process example of the zinc oxide particle

Process example of the cosmetic fine