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nano materio engineering division

nano materio engineering division

Special features

JN 100 is ideal system to replicate the same results obtained by the use of the smaller laboratory scale unit JN20, enabling customers to use the same nozzle units to guarantee scalability.

  • Easy to disperse nano particles
  • Contamination-free. Stainless steel enclosure for easy cleaning
  • Explosion-proof version available
  • Aggregation hardly occurs. Long stability of the product after processsing
  • Does not make any changes on the surface of sample
  • Superior kneadling and mixing of slurry materials


  • Throughput: 150(ml/min) *If it is water
  • Maximum pressure: 250(MPa)
  • Power consumption: 5.0(kw) AC200V three-phase
  • Size: 1220×920×1450 W×D×H(mm)
  • Weight: 580 kg


  • Electric oil pressure drive system
  • It is the general-purpose machine that can cover trial manufacture from a laboratory level to a medium batch production
  • Plunger material: Zirconia
  • Nozzle orifice: standard φ0.2; option φ0.15 - φ0.1
  • Tanks: standard 1000 ml; option 5000 ml (upon order)

Process example of the zinc oxide particle

Process example of the cosmetic fine